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We are an award-winning and sustainable business focused on sourcing, supplying, planting and moving semi-mature trees, mature hedging and topiary.

Our Specialist Tree Services include

Semi-Mature Tree Supply

Supplying Trees

We source an extensive range of semi-mature trees though our network of UK & European tree nurseries. All trees come from specialist tree nurseries and comply with the latest bio-security & health guidelines.

Semi-Mature Tree Planting

Planting Trees

We are happy to visit your location, go through the choices you have and recommend a plan to suit. As soon as we have sourced your trees, we will arrange a delivery and planting date with you.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving

Moving Trees

Our high quality fleet of machinery is designed to safely move larger trees. In our capable hands, tree spade technology can lift, transport and replant semi-mature trees safely and efficiently with a success rate of over 95%.

Our Approach

Our approach to business is to keep it simple. We are successful because we know an awful lot about a couple of very important things; semi mature trees and mature hedging.

Our approach to customers is to get to know you and your project, visit your site and together come up with a plan.

Our Approach

Our customers love the work we do and they trust us, they like having our team on site and they know we are reliable. We have built strong relationships with our suppliers too. So we are well positioned to source the best, highest quality trees from a huge network of nurseries in the UK and throughout Europe.

In the spirit of Nature First our business is in good order and sustainable. We recycle water, we are peat-free and our root-balled trees are wrapped in biodegradable materials. Our new office is eco-friendly, and our landscaped premises encourage the safe passage of wildlife through hedgerow boundaries.

The Future

We are proud to be able to contribute so directly to solving the problem of climate change – every day. Every tree we plant is the best possible gift our customers can give to our children and our children’s children.

We do appreciate the world needs to plant what may seem an impossible number of trees to change the direction of climate change.

The Future

And, it can feel we’re contributing less than a drop in the ocean with a personal contribution of two or three trees in our gardens. But what none of us see is the bigger picture.

We are very busy as are other businesses like us, planting thousands of semi mature trees. In the UK there are 23 million gardens and more than 27,000 parks and green spaces. The great news is that schools, businesses, developers and local governments are all doing their bit, quietly filling in the gaps – we just don’t hear about every community project. So please be assured more trees in your garden really is going to make a difference and we are here to help.

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