Coastal Trees

If you live on the coast there are several challenging to overcome when it comes to planting trees: strong winds, fast-draining soils and salt-laden winds. Many trees will not survive such a hostile environment, but a few will be fine and look great. If your garden is particularly exposed, good tree planting and dense hedging will act as a windbreak for the whole the garden.

If you can’t find the tree your looking for, please get in touch and we’ll source it for you.

Trees for coastal areas

Acer platanoides in varieties
Acer pseudoplatanus in varieties

Alnus glutinosa

Carpinus betulus

Crataegus in varieties

Gingko biloba

Pinus nigra/sylvestris

Populus alba/tremula

Quercus ilex

Salix alba

Sorbus in varieties

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