Tree Types and Profiles

We are always happy to offer advice and help you select the right tree for your tree planting project.

There are many different species and types of trees available to choose from, all with their own unique characteristics, making it sometimes a little overwhelming when deciding which tree to plant.

Firstly there is the option of deciduous, evergreen or coniferous.
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Deciduous trees will lose all their leaves and needles in the Winter with fresh  new leaves appearing in the Spring.  Many deciduous trees give a spectacular display of reds, purple, oranges and crimson in the Autumn before losing their foliage.

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Although evergreen trees shed some needles and leaves during the year, they do not appear to lose their foliage and remain evergreen throughout the year. Excellent trees for screening and adding Winter interest to the landscape.

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Coniferous trees are usually evergreen and have needle-like leaves for example Pine or Fir trees; although there are some exceptions, like the larch tree which will lose it’s foliage in the Winter.

Next you have to decide on the specification of your tree, trees are available in many different shapes and sizes.
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Standard Trees

A standard tree is one with a upright clear stem with no lateral growth/branches. Generally the clear stem is 1.8-2m, although you can have ½ standard and ¼ standard trees with shorter clear stems. A standard tree is measured by girth, the circumference of the trunk measured 1m from ground level.

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Feathered Trees

Feathered trees generally have a upright leading stem with evenly spaced lateral branches often down to almost ground level. These trees are mostly measured by height rather than girth and in 50cm increments.

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Multistem Trees

Multistem trees have two or more stems growing from ground level from one root system. Multistem trees are also measured by height.

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Pleached Trees

A pleached tree has a single stem with lateral growth trained on to a vertical frame and clipped to create a panel.  Pleached trees are often used for screening.

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Roof Shaped Trees

A single stemmed tree with its central leader and branches trained over a horizontal frame and clipped to create a roof effect.

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Boxed Shaped Trees

A single stemmed tree with its lateral growth trained to create a box.

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Umbrella Trees

A mature multistem tree where the lateral growth is pruned from the lower parts of the main stem to create an umbrella form and raise the canopy of the tree.

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Instant Hedging

Individual plants that are clipped to create a dense form and planted close together to make an instant hedge.

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Topiary is created by clipping and guiding trees and shrubs into sculptural shapes.

Tree Sizes

All trees are grown to conform to certain nursery specifications, these can be rather ambiguous. This chart will give some guidance, but we are also here to help and advise.

Tree Girth

Standard trees are measured in girth, which is the circumference of the trunk measured one metre from ground level. The girth of the tree gives a good indication of the maturity of the tree. Feathered and multistem trees are measured in heights.

The girth to height ratio can vary between species, this chart is an approximate guide to tree sizes.

Tree Girth Nursery Specification Height
8-10cmg Standard 2.5-3m
10-12cmg Select Standard 3-3.5m
12-14cmg Heavy Standard 3-4m
14-16cmg Extra Heavy Standard 3-4m
16-18cmg Extra Heavy Standard 4-4.5m
18-20cmg Extra Heavy Standard 4-5m
20-25cmg Semi Mature 4.5-5.5m
25-30cmg Semi Mature 5-6m
30-35cmg Semi Mature 5.5-6.5m
35-40cmg Semi Mature 6-7m
40-45cmg Semi Mature 6.5-7.5m
45-50cmg Semi Mature 7-8m
50-60cmg Super Semi Mature 7-9m
60-70cmg Super Semi Mature 8-9m
70-80cmg Super Semi Mature 8-10m
80-90cmg Super Semi Mature 9-11m
90-100cmg Super Semi Mature 10-12m
100-110cmg Super Semi Mature 10-12m +
And Lastly – Rootballed or Containerised

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Rootballed Trees –

Field grown trees which are lifted using specialised machinery and the rootball is wrapped in hessian and wire which is left on when planting the tree and degrades over time. Rootballed trees are lifted when the tree is dormant between October and April.

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Containerised Trees

Trees grown in containers and can be planted at any time of the year.

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Air-Pot Trees

Trees which are grown in air -pots and can be planted at any time of the year.

These trees are removed for the air-pot and rootballed before leaving the nursery ready for planting.

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