Large Tree Screening Project

Max Askew of Askew Nelson Ltd asked for our advice on planting over 20 large trees within a walled garden with very limited access. After assessing the site we devised a plan of action. We began by hiring a 100 tonne crane to lift the trees over the property’s high boundary wall. To do this we had to negotiate permission to set up and use the neighbouring estates car park. After many meetings on traffic management and the coordination of several tree deliveries, we manoeuvred all the trees onto site in one short day in March. Once the trees were on site, access to the planting locations was still very challenging. We used a specialist 16 tonne telehandler to carefully pick up and position the 15m high, 12 tonne root-balls of the pinus nigra trees ready for planting.

Our plan and meticulous attention to detail made the project a success. Max Askew was very impressed with the screening, exactly as designed, and with our planning.

Nature First have done some very challenging jobs for me, not least planting mature pine trees on a near-inaccessible site.  The trees were up to 15m high and 70 years old, some weighing 12 tonnes.  They pro-actively found a solution to get the trees to site – needing some colossal machinery – and planted them with enormous care and expertise.  I wouldn’t use anyone else to plant mature trees of this size in the most awkward of locations.  A great company to deal with, always helpful, knowledgeable, and working to the highest standard.  (Max Askew, landscape architect)

Max Askew, Askew Nelson Ltd

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