Climate Change

Trees are the lungs of our planet. They have always supported life on earth, and done an excellent job! But CO2 is rising fast and today – at a staggering 50% higher than it should be – CO2 is a big part of the problem of climate change. We know there are too few trees available to naturally process our carbon emissions. We also know that the imbalance is not sustainable and whilst innovation in carbon capture is coming up with some clever solutions to reduce the excess CO2, they aren’t up and running yet. In the meantime, we can all contribute to the fight against climate change by planting carefully selected trees – the most efficient carbon capture systems known to man. Trees are free to run, and pretty good at looking after themselves.

Nature First has planted over 250,000 trees to date. Experts agree that a healthy tree stores about 6 kilos of carbon a year. That means Nature First customers have so far planted enough trees to store 1.5 million kilos of carbon a year. Every year!

We also strive to maintain existing ecosystems, by using the latest technology to safely move trees locally, where possible, as a positive alternative to felling.

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