About Us

We are one of the country’s top suppliers of high quality semi-mature trees fully passported and regularly inspected by DEFRA.

For decades we have worked closely with landscape architects, garden designers, local authorities and charities, and of course we have many private clients.

Our Business

Our business is trees and hedging!

For nearly three decades we have worked on hundreds of projects planting thousands of trees and mature hedging. Our customers have large estates and parks, new housing developments and many other commercial and private gardens throughout the UK. We assume a bespoke consultancy for everyone, offering the benefit of our experience to help you choose the right trees and hedging for your project.

We are also specialists equipped with the latest technology to move larger trees safely. Our customers prefer to move trees if possible, and it can be a cost effective part of most projects. For the times a tree must be taken down, we can offer a range of grinders designed to remove a stump up to 60 cm below ground level – leaving the area ready for you to re-plant.

If you would like to hire trees for a short term occasion like a wedding, a festival or a corporate event, we can help you select the best trees and supply them direct to the venue in perfect condition. We love a wedding!

The Team

We know what we’re doing!

Between us, we have over 200 years of experience sourcing, planting and moving semi-mature trees. We are a great team that has worked together for many years developing our expertise, honing our skills and always on the look-out for the latest technology.

We like to get out and about and have established many lasting relationships within our local community and across the UK. Nature First supported the Cheltenham Rotary Club Centenary tree planting project. We were delighted to be asked to supply 100 trees and donated several to the initiative on behalf of the team.

If you’re thinking about setting up a tree planting community project please get in touch, we would love to help.

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To discuss your project and find out more about us, please get in touch.