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Semi-Mature Tree Supply

Supplying Trees

We source an extensive range of semi-mature trees though our network of UK & European tree nurseries. All trees are grown in specialist tree nurseries that comply with the latest bio-security and health guidelines. We take pride in finding the right tree for your planting project.

Semi-Mature Tree Supply

Planting Trees

We are happy to visit you to take a look at your site, go through the choices you have and recommend a plan. As soon as we have sourced your trees, we will arrange a delivery and planting date with you.

Semi-Mature Tree Planting

Moving Trees

Our high quality fleet of machinery is designed to safely move larger trees. Tree spade technology can lift, transport and replant semi-mature trees safely and efficiently with a success rate of over 95%.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving


Planting semi-mature trees or mature hedging will instantly screen your garden. We can source and plant a variety of trees to create privacy and protect planting.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving

Stump Grinding

For the times a tree must be removed we have stump grinders designed to extract the whole tree base (leaving a small number of roots to break down naturally). Our stump grinders leave you with cleared space to re-plant.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving

Tree Hire

Trees naturally create an atmosphere of calm and peace ideal for special occasions, large events and festivals. Trees in blossom or with leaf in autumn colours are the perfect accompaniment to a beautiful wedding or a spring festival.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving

Semi-Mature Care

Trees don’t need much attention, but they will need care from time to time especially in the first 2-3 years as they become established. We are always here to help you and give advice.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving


We offer an aftercare maintenance service including monthly visits and watering contracts.

Semi-Mature Tree Moving

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