Semi mature trees need careful handling from the minute that they are lifted in the nursery right through to being planted in their new location. Nature First’s semi mature tree planting experts know exactly how to lift, plant and guy even the biggest semi mature trees carefully nurturing them throughout the transport and planting process to ensure that they flourish in their new location.

Maintenance and Guarantee with careful planting and prudent after-care your new trees should become established surprisingly quickly. Why not have the peace of mind of Nature First’s full maintenance guarantee and replacement service. Full details are available on request.

Here we have endeavoured to provide a realistic rule-of-thumb guide to supplying and planting a “typical” semi mature tree. At the bottom of this page you will find costs for trees, delivery and planting options. The prices are to be used as a guide only and don’t allow for any specialist plant, transport, lifting equipment or temporary roadways that may be required.

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Delivery and Plant Hire

It’s worth mentioning that when delivery is required, a single semi mature tree will normally require the use of a large lorry and use the whole length of the lorry bed. Whether you order 1 or 10 trees, the price of delivery is likely to be the same.

Similarly the use of a mini-digger, JCB or other excavating and handling equipment will be needed. This will normally be hired locally and the minimum hire period is always 8 hours. In an 8 hour period it may be possible to plant 10 trees or more (depending on size) thus the plant hire costs will often be the same for 1 or 10 trees.

Given the above information one can see that there are considerable savings to be made when ordering larger quantities of semi mature trees.

Selection of Species and Costs

The costs of most species of semi mature trees are similar (within approximately 20%), you are paying for the cost of many years careful nurturing rather than for the tree itself. There are of course exceptions but the guide prices below will give an good indication of costs for most common species of field-grown broadleaved trees.

Example 1

Single small leaved lime tree

QuantityTree TypeCostingsSizingSingle Unit PriceTotal Prices
1Small leaved lime - Tilia cordata20-25cmg£220.00£220.00
Cost Of Tree£220.00
Delivery Cost£180.00
Planting Cost, Materials and Plant Hire£550.00
Total Supply and Plant Cost£950.00

Example 2

The same but 10 trees (under £350 per tree including planting)

QuantityTree TypeCostingSizingSingle Unit PriceTotal Prices
10Small leaved lime - Tilia cordata20-25cmg£220.00£2,200.00
Cost Of Tree£2,200.00
Delivery Cost£180.00
Planting Cost, Materials and Plant Hire£1,115.00
Total Supply and Plant Cost£3,495.00

Maintenance and Guarantee

Finally there is the cost of maintenance to be considered. Trees are living entities and Nature First supply only the finest quality trees which we guarantee to be in healthy living condition when delivered or collected. With correct handling, planting techniques and aftercare we would expect a success rate in excess of 95% when planting semi-mature trees.

However once delivered, we loose control of the trees and understandably cannot be responsible for their care and wellbeing thereafter. In order to provide clients with peace of mind Nature First offer an optional maintenance and guarantee service for up to 5 years from the date of planting.We also have wedding trees in large containers for hire.